What is 3D Exchange Program ?

3D Exchange program gives talented 3D designers the opportunity to exchange their top-quality 3D models for credit to get SimLab Composer and other 3D plug-ins for free.

Even if you already have SimLab Composer, you can still share your 3D models with us in order to give a great gift for a nice friend.

What will You Get in Return?

By giving SimLab Soft the rights to display and distribute your 3D models, you'll get:

How Can You Exchange Your Models with Us?

3D Exchange Program goes through the following simple steps:

  1. Send an e-mail with the 3D models that you want to share with SimLab Soft to 3dmodels@simlab-soft.com
  2. Within 2 days you will receive an e-mail from SimLab Soft, if the models were accepted, and the credit amount suggested for those 3D models.
  3. If models are accepted, you'll receive a simple agreement that states, while you as a designer maintains full rights of the models, you give SimLab Soft the permission to use and distribute those models free or for a fee.
  4. Upon receiving the signed agreement, you'll have your credit available of ordering SimLab Composer or any of the SimLab plug-ins.

Note: You should have designed those 3D models and have full ownership of them.

Sample of 3D Models Currently in the Library of SimLab Composer



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