Why do I need VR?

VR is revolutionizing model navigation, assembly instructions, selling products, serious training and much more.

You are really only limited by your imagination, the following is a small list of things you will be able to do with the new SimLab VR framework we are working on.

  • Selling physical products or designs by utilizing 3D models.
  • Facilitate training on assembly/disassembly.
  • Getting feedback from users early in the design stage.
  • Show options to users (picking materials, and components).
  • Increase user attachment to 3D designs to increase buying rate.

SimLab VR Framework

SimLab Soft is working hard on building SimLab VR framework to allow you to take advantage of VR.

  • No matter what CAD application you are importing your models from.
  • No matter what experience you want to create for your users.
  • No matter how small is your budget to start utilizing VR.
  • No matter what is your 3D skill level.

SimLab VR framework is here to help you take advantage of the VR revolution.

SimLab VR framework will be ready for end users, and developers building specialized VR experiences.

SimLab VR process

SimLab VR framework was designed to bring any model to VR . The process is very simple

  • Import 3D model.
  • Adjust material assignment to make it look great.
  • Add options and interaction to bring models to life.
  • Set the viewer start location.

We are utilizing the great capabilities of SimLab Composer developed through many years to give you all the needed tools to prepare models and to add interactions to them in a very easy way.

Complete VR experience

VR experiences vary based on the device the user is running on and on the end interaction designed, SimLab VR framework was built to enable (Design once, use many) so the model is prepared once and can be used in different VR experiences.

HTC Vive based experience:

This experience gives the user the best possible interaction with the scene, allowing the user to be an important factor, to check how the design works for her/him.

The user with this experience can use HTC controllers to interact with the scene, creating an assembly or opening a drawer

Requirements : for this type of experience the user needs a high end machine with htc vive.

PC based experience:

This experience gives the user the same interaction capabilities as the HTC vive one, by replacing motion controllers and VR tracking with mouse and keyboard.The user can still interaction full with the model

Requirements: for this type of experience the user needs a high end PC (desktop or laptop)

Mobile based experience:

Mobiles are limited in computation power when compared with powerful desktops and laptops, SimLab VR framework builds on the functionality available in SimLab Composer, and utilizes pre-computation to make give an amazing experience of 3D models on mobile devices, For more details refer to mobile VR viewer page.

360 Panorama based experience:

The new 360 panorama renderer is included in SimLab Composer, which makes it very easy to render 360 Pano images that can be used in SimLab viewer, Facebook and many other applications.

This experience is good to give you an understand on the area, but it does not provide the full interaction experience to be expected from other options, For more details refer to 360 images page.

AR experience:

To complete the solution SimLab Soft is working on a new AR viewer, allowing the user to view the 3D model inside her/his own environment, check how the couch will look in your house before you buy it.

Requirements : This experience will be supported on phones, tablets and PCs with camera.

Sharing VR experiences

VR experiences created using SimLab Composer, can be shared with end users using the free SimLab Cloud Showroom.

VR For Developers:

Do you have a great idea for a new virtual reality or augmented reality application? Through the years, SimLab Soft developed a great infrastructure that can help you accelerate the development of your application, an infrastructure that can help deliver product faster, with better quality, and will allow you to focus on the user experience rather than that common infrastructure functionality, Check What SimLab Soft has to offer in helping you. Including SimLab-SDK, Animated FBX, Support for Unity & Unreal Engines, OEM/Branded Composer, CAD Plugins, Custom 3D files...for more information click here.

Experience Examples:

Interior furniture VR expereince


VR exhibition


VR Desktop


View how easy it is to create a VR experience with SimLab VR Framework :

Walkthrough Navigation


Material and Visibility Options


Adding scene animation to VR scene