What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is an interactive computer generated simulation where the user experiences a life like environment through the use of several types of devices such as VR headsets and mobile devices.

In it's applicable technological aspect, Virtual Reality serves the user as a reliable tool to study, display, and share his 3D designs in an effective and pleasing manner.

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Why Choose Simlab as your VR solution?

User Friendly

Simlab Composer and the simlab VR Viewer are easy to learn and use applications, they were Designed to suit users from all backgrounds, therefore you do not have to be a technical user to create impressive VR scenes.
The Simlab team offers great and personal assistance to the users through direct contact as well as creating a huge content of tutorials and guides to aid the user in achieving their goals.

Complete Solution

Simlab Composer is the ultimate tool to create a sophisticated VR experience, you will not be needing any other applications to assist you in transforming your 3D Scene to a VR environment.
Upon importing your 3D Model to Simlab Composer, you can apply materials, animation, lights, as well as import additional 3D models to the scene from the free Simlab Composer library.


Virtual Reality environments created in Simlab Composer are unique due to their interactive nature, unlike other VR solutions in the market where the scenes are static.
Through the use of Actions, Lists, Assemblies and VR Events, the designer can add life to the scene, mimicking reality and allowing the VR user to interact with objects in various ways.


Simlab Composer supports a huge range of 3D formats, it can import 3D Models from 3D Design applications in their native extensions in addition to importing universal 3D formats.
Revit, AutoCad, Maya, 3DS Max, Sketchup, SolidWorks and Rhino are some of the popular supported 3D Applications by Simlab Composer.

Viewing & Sharing

VR Experiences created in Simlab Composer can be Viewed using VR setups such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift as well as Desktop computers, you can also run the VR scenes on Mobile Devices.
Using the simlab Showroom, you can easily store and manage VR packages, you can also share them with other users publicly through Cloud publishing or privately through private servers.


Simlab Composer is an affordable VR solution that is packed with exceptional features, choosing Simlab Composer saves you a great sum of money without sacrificing any potentials.
There are different Editions of Simlab Composer for all type of users, each equipped with specific tools to serve its purpose, making it possible for users to choose a suitable edition at a lower cost.

What fields can Virtual Reality Benefit?

Mechanical and Product Designers

  • Allows Designers to work on prototypes or large scale models.
  • Closely examine designs for improvement and fixes prior to building, saving time and money.
  • VR Scenes may display different options and mechanisms during the same experience.
  • Since VR is a digital technology it can easily reach your target audience wherever they are.
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Architectural and Interior Designers

  • Create a real life scale visualization for plans before the construction phase.
  • Helps exploring all your options of designing within the VR experience.
  • Easy to share and create virtual tours for clients worldwide.
  • Edit and rearrange elements in the scene

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Mechanical Training Demo

Training and Safety drills

  • Virtual Reality is a safe and controlled environment and has no risks to the user.
  • The user can engage in hypothetical scenarios that are dangerous or expensive to create in reality.
  • Studies show that simulated training can raise skill levels better than traditional training.
  • You can run more than one training session at the same time and share the VR experience with the trainee remotely.

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Virtual Reality Supported Devices

Virtual Reality Headsets

Creating VR Experiences in Simlab Composer is easy, yet if you need assistance creating you first VR experience, our team of designers is more than willing to help you directly. Click here to get in touch with the design team

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