Simlab VR Showroom Competition, Show your 3D talent and win a Simlab Composer VR

Deadline: Friday 3th of November


If you’re a talented 3D designer and interested in creating a model that can be translated into a VR experience in a very easy way using Simlab Composer, enter the competition and get the chance to win a Simlab Composer VR edition for free which is a powerful all in one 3D software. This challenge is a great opportunity to win a powerful software and become a contributor to the Simlab Showroom Collection.


  • You can submit multiple models but only one model will win
  • You should be the designer of those 3D models and you have the full ownership of them
  • The top 3 most liked models will win, so there will be 3 winners.

How to Participate:

  • Design or use one of your awesome Sketchup models
  • Import the model to Simlab Composer, download Simlab Composer for free here
  • Add VR experience to your imported model by adding a VR cameras easily, check this tutorial:

  • Open Simlab VR Showroom and sign up an account
  • Upload your model into the Showroom
  • Tag your model using the Showroom tags feature with the keyword “skvrcompetition” and add any other tags you want that’s relevant to the model.


  • Professional lifetime license(s) of SimLab Composer VR, for more info about the software and it’s powerful features check this link (total value of 400$).
  • Announcement of the winners and their model on our channels including our forums, competition page, and social media
  • Benefit being a part of the SimLab Composer community and Simlab Showroom community
  • Show your talents and the quality of your 3D models and get feedback on them and check other users models as well and give feedback.


  • We recommend that you render your model using our Simlab Composer renderer since it’s a powerful renderer and have a lot of features, for more info about Simlab Composer rendering capabilities click here.
  • You can design anything you want but we encourage you to design something architectural or interior
  • For more info/tutorials/tips about VR and Simlab Composer, you can check our website, our forum, and our youtube channel
  • You can share your design on social media using the hashtags #simlabsoft #simlabvr #simlabshowroom
  • Employers are looking to hire artists with demonstrated experience and skills. Sharpen your skills, show off your talents, and build your resume with the competition experience.

For more info and support contact:

Good luck and happy designing.