What is Simlab Composer?

SimLab is a stand-alone 3d software that engineers, architects and visualisers rely on in composing all their 3d work and releasing it in various forms.

VR different Platforms

Supporting all stationary and portable devices

SimLab VR with SketchUp


SimLab Composer VR


SimLab VR Viewer

VR Viewer

SimLab and VR for SketchUp

Instant production with smart toolsets

Intelligent algorithims ready to use in Simlab Composer, offering a software capable of applying any scenario within the least time possible, create your projects in-house.

Experience and share with no cost

Share your created projects as EXE files with anyone. Our VR viewer is totally free, you can use it to experience many of the projects made with Simlab Composer here.

City of New York in a new perspective

Demo viewing the city of New York in a new perspective
made all with Simlab Composer

What We Offer

Organize and design with the VR Viewer

Design in VR with customizable catalogs

Design in VR with customizable catalogs:

Make use of our varied items to arrange your scene in real-time VR, or create your own 3d library and manage your lay out in the VR Viewer.
Control environment lighting and modify materials reaching your exact product in mind.

All you need VR components

Automating every render element you need

Automating every render element you need:

  • Lights: all common types
  • Grass: multiple colors and shapes
  • VFX: water, fire or fog

Interactive actions made with ease

Interactive actions made with ease

Create and automate your animations

Providing ready elements allowing you to create interactive scenes with no need of any previous knowledge.

VR Package

Try One of these VR projects
No need for a VR headseat you can view them instantly

Know more about Simlab 3D capabilities

SketchUp Tutorial

Learn and release a project within minutes