Note : User can grap photo to move around.

What is a 360 grid view?

360 Grid Technology is a smart and simple way to show the most of the design with multiple 360 renders connected to each other which allows moving between them to insure full coverage for the whole design.

360 images are very handy, they make it possible to get great view of the scene in very high quality even on low end devices, however their is a problem! A 360 image does not allow you to move in the space, or to view the back of an object, you can only view the object from the perspective or the used camera. so you can pan around but you cant move around. 360 Grid Technology from SimLab removes this limitation, it makes it possible to easily generate and render a set of multiple 360 cameras, to allows the user to move in the scene and to view objects from different sides.

How to create a 360 grid view?

SimLab Composer VR provides a very simple technique to do that. The following tutorial shows how the user can create a 360 grid using SimLab Composer.

Sharing 360 grid view ?

  • First generate 360 grid by SimLab Composer then upload it,and share the link to your audience in social media.
  • OR user can embed 360 grid link in his own website by creating a responsive <embed> tag.

For more clarification about 360 grid Click Here