SimLab VR Viewer for
Oculus Go

SimLab Soft optimized the great SimLab's Free VR Viewer along with the mobile viewer to produce a very convenient VR Viewer for the oculus go

powerful tools and controls packed in a tidy and neat interface

Manage Materials

Manage Environment

  Scene Building    

Grab objects and arrange them the way you want in the scene. (move, scale, rotate and copy)

  Visualized Scene Options

Select between different states and materials of an object through neat visualized options.

  Large Scene Navigation

Place cameras in different places in the scene in order to teleport between them from anywhere in the scene.

  Measurement tool

Use the remote to draw lines between any two points in the scene and measure the distance between them.

How To ADD New 3D Models (vrpackages)

Connect the VR headset to your PC using its USB cable.


Allow accessing the files on the VR headset


Open your VR headset shared storage on PC.


Create "SimLab" folder and add your 3D models (.vrpackage files) inside it.


Open SimLab VR Viewer on the VR headset and enjoy the experience


To create and convert your designs into .vrpackage files, you need to use SimLab Composer VR Edition or higher.

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