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SimLab VR Sharing

If you are working at home or need to communicate with your colleages and clients remotely, then SimLab VR Sharing is essential for you, watch this video below to learn more.

SimLab VR Sharing can be accessed through
Composer and through SimLab VR Viewer.

SimLab Composer (Sharing interface)


SimLab VR Viewer (Sharing interface)


SimLab VR Sharing
   Key features

Upload and store your VR Experiences safely and access them anywhere you are.

Arrange and Sort your uploaded VR experiences into Catalogs for quicker access and easier sharing.

Share your VR Experiences with clients and colleagues securely, or publish them to the VR community.

With the 'Share Back' feature, retrieve the VR Experience you shared along with and modifications and notes made by the recipient.

Add Contacts and Groups for easier messaging and quicker sharing.

Click below to Learn more about SimLab VR Sharing

Cloud Hosting

In addition to sharing VR experiences, SimLab Composer enables you to upload and host 3D Models in WebGL documents online, as well as 360/Grid rendered images.


Uploading a WebGL document to a website requires considerable technical knowledge, but with SimLab Composer you can Upload, Host and Share your model in a single click.

VR Package

Share VR scenes on the cloud so it can be accessed directly from the web or can be found on the SimLab VR viewer on all your devices and VR headsets.

360o Images

Embed a 360 panoramic render of your model in a webpage and share it with others.

360o Grid

Embed multiple 360 panoramic renders of your model in a single webpage and be able to teleport between them, and share the 360 Grid with other users.

Uploading your Model

With your 3D model open in SimLab Composer, from the file menu select 'Share to SimLab Cloud', Log in to your SimLab account, then select the output type you want to share from the Cloud Sharing dialogue.

Click below to Download SimLab Composer or to learn more about Cloud Hosting.

Devices Syncing

In SimLab Composer and VR Viewer, you can Sync multiple devices together through your SimLab Cloud account.

Syncing your devices allows you to access your SimLab Cloud account and all your uploaded and shared models anytime and anywhere you are.

Pairing is a one-step authentication method to connect your mobile devices and VR headsets with your SimLab account.

Syncing your devices and having them paired replaces the need to manually move files to mobile devices and VR headsets using cables.

Click below to Learn more about Device Syncing and Pairing your devices through SimLab Cloud.

SimLab CLoud Sharing

SimLab offers a standard pricing method for SimLab Cloud Sharing Services through keys.

Each key added to your SimLab Cloud Account grants you :

  • 2 Additional Gigabytes of storage.
  • 10 More files (items).
  • 1 Extra device to pair and sync your account to.

  • (Or it can be used to extend the subscription's date).

When creating your new SimLab Account, you will get a free trial for SimLab Cloud Sharing.

During the trial you will have :

  • Full access to all of SimLab Cloud Sharing Services for 3 months.
  • 2 Gigabytes of storage.
  • 10 Files (items).

  Trial User


Items10 items

Paired Devices1 device

Time3 Months

Your clients do not need to purchase SimLab Cloud Sharing keys to recieve and view the models you shared with them.

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