Training Builder is the most complete tool for creating simple and complex scenarios in VR experiences, You can draw your scenario in a very smart way.

Mimic your real-life workplace into a virtual reality experience

Allow the employees to take the risk and gain their experience in safer environments with no damages

Teach the clients complex steps in a very simple way

Build strong guided training with fully controlled steps

Let your VR experiences be smart by making automatic doors and lights and so much more.

All inputs, events and responses that can be needed to complete your VR training experience are available



Glow Object





Scene States


Show Message

Smart "Events-Responses" Tools

Build your own flow that matches your needs in the most appealing way. Control and understand your process stages, also, the connections between them.

Smart Event-Response Tools

Unlimited Working Area

Multiple Diagrams

Dynamic Relations

Available For Mechanical Users in the Virtual Reality Workbench

Free 21 days Trial (Full Features)

Permanent, Floating or Subscription

Watch this Tutorial to Learn How to Build your Own Training Sessions