Plugin Description

SimLab Android/iPad Exporter is a plugin for Creo.

SimLab Android / iPad exporter for Creo plugin enables Creo users to export their 3D models to iPad, iPhone, and Andriod. The plugin exports Creo 3D models in *.zim file format, a native SimLab Soft file format, readable by the free application SimLab CAD Viewer for iPad / iPhone and Android.

The plugin is supported on WF4, WF5, Creo1, Creo2, and Creo3 (32, and 64-bit).

Try and Buy

SimLab Plugins are the right option for users who are looking for a specific feature to complete their 3D design application.

  • Download the plugin and install Android/iPad Exporter plugin for Creo.
  • Run Creo and Load a model.
  • Open tool button, Simlab ribbon, click Export.

  • It contains following four ribbons as shown in the image below.

For the first time a user will need to register the plugin's license, Trial or Professional. This can be done by clicking the Export or Register options in the plugin's sub-menu. For a step by step instructions on how to register a license, please click here.


  • We are providing a trial for using the plugin where you can use the full set of features without any limitations.
  • Note: You will need to activate this plugin after 30 times of use.


What it is the difference between standalone and floating license??