To get the correct upgrade option, please select the following:
The old license you are upgrading from
The license type you currently have (node locked or floating)
The new version you want to upgrade to.

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Our licensing strategy:

At SimLab Soft, our pricing strategy is simple, our goal is to provide the great value of SimLab Composer at the lowest price possible to users, while maintaining profitability to invest in continuous development of new features, fixing any issues, keeping updates to work with the latest CAD versions, and providing great tutorials and support. More users simply means better resources, faster development, and lower prices for all users of SimLab Composer.

Simplify licensing?

We studied what is offered in the market, and we came up with a new simple pricing strategy that works for everybody, and focuses on what is best for SimLab Composer users. We will always support perpetual licensing (permanent license), after you worked on your models in SimLab Composer you should always have the ability to open and tweak those files. We support subscription based licensing, it costs 50% of the permanent license, and it works only on one machine, our advice to use this option in the following situations:

  • You are a startup, where you have a cash flow issue, and you want to start using SimLab Composer with lowest possible initial cost
  • You are part of a big organization which prefers subscription based licensing for all its software needs

All minor upgrades are free you do not need to pay more for x.1, x.2 versions
Major upgrade to the next major release is optional and costs 50% of the permanent license, you can only upgrade from the previous version of the software, and for the same edition and licensing type (for example a user of SimLab Composer Pro version 7 floating license, can upgrade to a floating license of SimLab Composer Pro version 8) Our advice to end users to get perpetual (locked of floating license) and to keep updating if they see that SimLab Soft is offering great value in the new major versions. If we did not provide great value you do not need to upgrade.

Note: If you stopped upgrading for any reason you will keep the ability to work with models you prepared with SimLab Composer.