SimLab Composer is a complete, easy, affordable and feature rich 3D Communication Software.

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Packed with a great set of features, SimLab Composer is ready for you to start, and will be ready to support you in the future. Check the Complete list of SimLab Composer features.

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You can get a perpetual license (Does not expire) license of SimLab Composer (on two machines) for $99. 

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We understand that you have deadlines, and looking for an intuitive software that makes you productive immediately. Access to quick, easy to learn tutorials are free.

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Bringing your design to SimLab Composer, means it is ready to be rendered, shared as a 3D PDF, WebGL, or a VR experience on Desktop or mobile.


3D Communication:

3D Communication is what allows us to share 3D designs with others.

3D designs are used today in marketing to increase sales, manuals, training, education,  real estate, collecting customer feedback, and much more.

SimLab Composer will enable you to bring 3D models to life, and to communicate them clearly to any recipient.

Samples of Combining SimLab Composer features together, make it easy to create superior output

Import a model, perform texture baking, and then export model as 3D PDF file to get a 3D PDF with impressive visualization.

Texture Baking - Example 2 (House Model) - Simlab Composer 3d Application Download file open with acrobat reader

Import your architectural model, use scene building capabilities to complete the scene, add IES lights and use the interior render to get an amazing rendered image.

Texture Baking - Example 2 (House Model) - SimLab Composer 3d Application Go to the Gallery page

Utilize Simulation feature, and the ability to convert simulation results to animations, and render the output to get an impressive robotic animation.

Texture Baking - Example 2 (House Model) - SimLab Composer 3d Application
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Note: Note: To view the 3D PDF files, you can download them and then open them with Acrobat Reader, and you need to make sure that Acrobat Reader is the default PDF viewer.

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