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SimLab Composer integration plug-in for Revit is a free tool that acts as a middle layer between Revit and SimLab Composer app. It creates an active link for keeping the design shared and the data synchronized between Revit and SimLab Composer.

Why SimLab Composer !

SimLab Composer is designed mainly to create the most interactive visualization and output variations you need out of your designs, SimLab composer is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use program, and with SimLab integration there is no need to export and import the model each time, every design step on Revit will be updated inside Composer while keeping Composer’s modifications.

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Virtual Reality (VR)


SimLab Composer makes it easy to create advanced VR experiences from Revit models, In a few minutes you can create interactive VR experiences.



Render your designs in a very fast and realistic progressive renderer with different outputs: Images, videos and animations, 360 images and more.

PDF File Formats


Share your work with everyone in a very comprehensive way by embedding 3D views inside PDF files

Texture Baking

Texture Baking

Apply materials and bake textures to give a very realistic look while viewing the design especially while sharing in 3d PDF and WebGL.


How to get it and use it ?

  • Download the plugin and install it.
  • Run Revit and Load a model.
  • Open Add-Ins Ribbon-Tab and find SimLab Composer Integration section as shown in the image below

  • How to get it and use SimLab Composer Integration Revit
  • The following image describes the buttons of the plugin:

  • How to get it and use SimLab Composer Integration Revit

This video tutorial shows the user how to integrate SimLab Composer with Revit application.

You can also integrate your other 3D design applications with SimLab Composer and reach ultimate visualization options for your projects

SimLab Composer

SimLab Composer


SimLab Composer is the complete 3D software for communicating your 3D designs and sharing your ideas with others in the most suitable and easy way.