What is training using Virtual Reality?

  • Training using VR is a revolutionary technological approach to training by which the user engages in a 3D simulated environment where he can interact with various elements mimicking a real life training. Within the virtual environment, the trainee will be guided throughout his training session as he examines, assesses and evaluates the situation to lead him into taking the necessary steps to fulfill the goals of the training.

VR based training

Why should you adopt VR for Training?

  • Training using VR enables the trainee to acquire new skills and improve his existing skills in a lifelike experience, moreover, it has several additional advantages over conventional training, some of which are :

VR Training is cost effective, it saves you money, time and space, since the only equipment you would need is a VR setup or a desktop computer. You can also Run several VR training sessions at the same time with the ability to adjust, customize or enhance the training with simplicity and ease.

Training in VR grants the user the ability to work with prototype devices or equipments that are not available yet, it also allows him to operate in hypothetical scenarios such as safety training in cases of emergency and safety drills.

Running the training in a controlled and customized environment allows the trainee to focus on a specific task, it also negates any risks that could endanger the safety of the trainee.

What dose Simlab VR offer?

Simlab VR enables the training designer to implement actions and events into the environment, the actions and events systems allow the creation of interactive triggers which depending on the trainee's actions, can respond in various ways predetermined by the VR training designer.

Mechanical Training Demo

Simlab VR also greatly benefits from the simlab mechanical simulation and animation tools, which can accurately simulate the functions of mechanical devices and bring rigid objects to life.

Creating The VR Training Experience

Simlab Composer is the ultimate tool when it comes to creating VR training, once you have imported your 3D model to simlab composer, you can begin by improving the appearance of the scene using the simlab composer material library, you can then proceed to capturing scene states and creating animation sequence sthrough the animation and simulation workbenches.

The last step is to attach those generated attributes and behaviors to objects in the scene using the actions and events systems resulting in the creation of a sophisticated training experience.

Mechanical Training Demo

Sharing and Viewing the Training

Once you have designed the training experience you now can share it with the trainees in multiple ways, you can either send a VR package file that the trainees can run using the simlab VR viewer which is a free tool by simlab soft, Or you can share the training through local or private cloud servers that are accessible through the VR Viewer.

The VR Viewer allows the users to run the training session in VR or in desktop mode for testing purposes or in cases where a VR hardware setup is not available.

   Future of VR based training

Simlab realizes the importance of Virtual reality in today's world, many studies are showing that training simulation using VR is very beneficial and has many advantages over conventional training methods, therefor Simlab is dedicated to further enhance VR training and to add new features that would improve the overall experience for the training designer and the trainee.

To start creating VR based training

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SimLab Composer
Mechanical Edition

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