What should a furniture manufacturer be concerned about?

Furniture market is broad, and the customers have different tastes and needs, as a furniture manufacturer you have to advertise the right piece to the right customer, which requires quality design and presentation in the first place.
In order to be distinct in the furniture manufacturing and selling industry, you have to skillfully manage 3 important stages and be exceptional during each one of them; Design stage, marketing and aftersales services.

Design Stage

Improve your design process

As a furniture manufacturer your design process follows one of two procedures; custom-made or ready-made furniture manufacuring. In both cases the process starts with an idea, followed by specific blueprints that should be exchanged easily and effectively between different parties involved in the designing process. Additionally, in custom-made furniture, the customer is also included in this process.
SimLab’s vision is to provide the perfect 3D communication tool that will help delivering your design ideas to others in very effcient and unique ways to ensure that everyone in the process gets the whole idea without any misconceptions.

Exporting your designs within a 3D Pdf file that includes an interactive 3D models is a brilliant way to share the design's specifications, compare alternative designs and to technically document the design.

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You can even go a step further by designing a virtual experience that realistically simulates your models and bring them to life without hammering a nail!
With SimLab Composer your imagination will not be limited and you can provide as many design ideas as you can with less effort and cost.

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Marketing Stage

Reach more customers ..... Sell more!

The traditional market solution is to establish showrooms containing samples for each design you have, and to try and turn each visitor into a customer by inquiring about his needs and preferred style then trying to find a design in the showroom that would match his preference, which is an ineffective approach.

Using digital solutions and new technologies can afford a better business overall. A digital catalogue that can be shared online makes your market widely broader and will lessen your marketing cost since you don’t have to implement each model and provide a space to show it.

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With VR technology you can take your catalogues to the next level by allowing the user to experience different types of furniture and enable him to explore different styles virtually and give him the ability to browse, choose, test and organize the furniture he needs within an interactive and user friendly environment.

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With Augmented Reality provided by SimLab Soft you enable the customers to try all furniture alternatives inside their houses by using smartphones and tablets.

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After Sale

keep your touch shining in users minds

Any piece of furniture would be assembled or disassembled in one or more stages of its life. Each furniture manufacturer puts a great effort on creating instructions for assembly/- disassembly and the challenge is to make these instructions manuals easy to understand and follow by any kind of users. A realistic video rendering with animations can be easily created in SimLab Composer. The video example here shows assembly instructions in a beautiful and simple animation.

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Also these instructions can be embedded as short animated steps in a 3DPDF file as the example aside. You can download this example by clicking here (opens in acrobat reader).

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You can have a free trial with all features to evaluate SimLab Composer here.

The recommended edition is

Simlab Composer
VR Edition

360 Images

A 360 image is an image that can be viewed as if the person were standing and looking around in any direction, it could be very useful for feeling the space and the usability of the design.
Making 360 images for a room showing some coordinated furniture is a very attractive way to view different furniture styles in a room.
SimLab Composer helps you render very realistic 360 images that can be shared and viewed on social media such as Facebook, on websites or even on the free SimLab VR viewer which is available.
Rendering 360 images is very easy and fast in SimLab composer, you can find a tutorial for creating 360 images and sharing them on Facebook down below in the related content section.

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An example simulating smart furniture ideas available in the related content section down below clarifies the idea and the feasibility of the design in an attractive way without the need to build the actual models and present them in showrooms.
Simlab Composer VR edition is rich with features and technologies such as animations, scene states, grabbable objects, actions and sequences. These features allow you to easily create a very interactive scenes mimicking reality and bringing your projects to life.
SimLab VR scenes can be viewed on all platforms since we provide a free VR viewer available for computers and smartphones supporting Win, MacOS, Android and IOS. So you can view the experience on any device at your disposal.
Creating the VR experience is an easy and simple process, import the model and with a few steps you can achieve great results, we believe simplicity is the way to a better output.

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Supported 3D Formats

SimLab Composer supports various 3D formats for import and export, here are the formats most used by architects:

  • SketchUp 2018 (*.skp)
  • 3D Studio Max (*.3ds)
  • IFC
  • DWG (AutoCAD 2019)
  • DXF
  • Wavefront (OBJ) ...

More supported formats >>
You can also use SimLab integration Plugins such as the Revit Integration plugin to dynamically link your design program with SimLab Composer. Learn more

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To have a unique website is to give the customer the feeling that he is examining an actual piece instead of just some images. This can be acomplished using the 3D WebGL technology where you can embed your 3D designs on your web pages.
SimLab Composer have the ability to export 3D scenes into html files that can be embedded on the web. Exporting html supports many features such as scene states, animations, light baking and texture baking.
It is a great feature to increase the potentials of your website or portfolio by displaying an interactive 3D viewport, giving visitors the ability of controlling high quality 3D scenes, viewing alternatives, changing materials and more.
A large variety of Templates are available for WebGL exporting, Moreover, it is easy and fast to create new templates with SimLab Template Designer inside SimLab Composer.

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With PDF exporting from SimLab Composer you can document your designs in PDF files that contain 3D models along with interactive actions, materials, animations, sequences, light baking, texture baking, sections and much more.
3DPDF sharing improves documentation in many different ways since you can express assembly and disassembly stages as simple animated 3D steps that are easily understandable by any person Inside a 3D PDF documents.
It’s an easy way to share 3D models and ideas with anyone even if they are not designers. It can be sent by email and it opens with the free adobe acrobat reader and can be viewed on any computer without requiring any special programs or skills.

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Texture & Light Baking

Texture baking and light baking are unique methods to accentuate a more realistic and detailed look of a 3D model without the need for a high computing and graphics capabilities.
It improves the quality of the 3d scene in 3D PDF document and WebGL. since your construction design would be viewed in an interactive 3D view with high realistic details as if it was rendered.
The difference between texture baking and light baking is that Light baking calculates the light and shadow data then apply it on materials in a separate layer which gives the ability to change materials under the same baked light information, Texture baking however, accounts for the objects material along with light and shadow values resulting in a static unchangeable output but with a higher visual accuracy.

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With Augmented Reality provided by SimLab Soft you can try all furniture alternatives inside your house using your smartphone or tablet.
It takes Furniture shopping to a new era since it became possible to browse furniture and place the piece you want in your home in it's actual size and with interactive parts using your phone.
You can select the piece that you want to try and then chose where you want it to be placed, scale it, move it and rotate it freely. You also have the ability to interact with it and change it's materials.

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CAD Integration

SimLab Composer can be connected simultaneously with many design programs to have a convenient way for direct 3D exporting and editing without the need to go back and forth or exporting and importing each time a modification has been made to the 3D model in the design software.
SimLab Soft offers SimLab Integration plugins are for:

  • SketchUp
  • OnShape
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD

> More SimLab Integration Products

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After design completion, realistic renders are needed in order to visualize how the final product would look like after, SimLab Composer can render very realistic images quickly and with simplicity by only applying materials with no need to adjust other settings.
The extended free materials libraries are designed by SimLab's skilled artists to give a realistic look while rendering, additionally light presets and HDR libraries are very effective in improving the scene's realism with just one click.
A realistic video rendering also can be produced easily in SimLab Composer, and it could be useful as in the Assembly video example that can be found in the related content section which shows an assembly instructions in a beautiful and simple animation.

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Animation Rendering can be very helpful for furniture manufacturers to present their designs along with the assembly instructions.
SimLab Composer offers a very simple yet effective key-framing system for adding key frames to the timeline in order to animate any property for any object.
Animations can be converted into sequences thus it could be used as explanatory steps for assembly and be viewed in 3DPDF files, WebGL and VR.
Animated objects can also be baked and exported to PDF files, WebGL and VR scenes.

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