SimLab Cloud Showroom

SimLab Cloud Showroom is a standalone application that can be accessed from inside SimLab Composer (for VR experience designers), or started as a completely separate application (for users of VR experiences).

1- Showroom for Designers :

SimLab Cloud Showroom can be used by designers to share the VR experiences they created using SimLab Composer with their clients.
The following tutorial shows how designers can share VR experiences with others
Showroom for designers is already included with SimLab Composer, VR experience designers do not need to install the stand alone Showroom installer.

2- Showroom for users :

Showroom standalone viewer is all what is needed by the end user to view VR experiences. The hardware setup on the end user is automatically detected, so the user can use HTC vive, Oculus rift is available, or the included desktop viewer.

Download standalone Showroom viewer


A quick tutorial for end users interested in viewing Showroom vr experiences is available here.