Wondering about 3D Sharing?

  • A feature that is considered as the publishing suite of SimLab Composer.
  • It appends sharing techniques to SimLab Composer to produce encapsulated files, which include 3D data, by moving out entire scene content (including 3D models, 3D geometries, colors, materials, textures, cameras, actions, scene states, 2D polylines, 2D annotations, reflection maps, bump maps, animation, and custom designed templates) into popular interactive file formats.
  • Files produced by SimLab Composer allow you to navigate 3D scenes and react with their elements interactively.
  • It introduces the ability of transferring 3D models and scenes to mobile phones and tablet devices in order to navigate them on the go.
  • It's represented as a workbench within SimLab Composer, which is accessible directly from the Workbenches Bar.

How 3D Sharing can be Done?

3D sharing can be done through either Sharing Workbench of SimLab Composer or SimLab plug-ins, 3D scenes created inside SimLab Composer can be shared by exporting them into one of the three following formats before transferring or distribution:

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • ZIM (SimLab iPad File)

You Ask, We Answer

Why 3D Sharing is Needed?

  • The feature gives you a great ability to share your works with everyone.
  • It's used to share 3D scenes prepared for demonstration, exhibition, advertisement, presentation, promotion, or publishing.
  • For interactive sharing with others.
  • For showing configured scene states.

Use Cases of 3D Sharing

  • You can export a 3D model as PDF file, sent it by e-mail to a friend, and then to be opened using a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • You can export a scene as HTML file, and then upload it into a web-server to share it with the world on web.
  • You can export a 3D model of your product as ZIM file, open it using CAD Viewer after transferring it to your smart phone, and then start demonstration it to your clients.

Why Go with SimLab Composer?

  • We provide different sharing mechanisms.
  • Prepare your model once and share it in many ways.
  • Select a ready-made template or create new with the simple SimLab Soft Template Designer.
  • In addition to sharing geometry, etc., you can show multiple configurations.
  • You can include animation.
  • SimLab Soft Templates support actions for interactive experience. An action can be a URL, Message Box, Animation, Script, and Scene State).
  • Ability to employ captured Scene States (that covers transformation, visibility, camera and material) for greater interactive experience.
  • SimLab Composer comes with SimLab Soft Template Designer, which allows you to create your own document layout and link actions. SimLab Soft Designer is a simple SimLab Soft application that enables users to design and save their own templates, to be used when exporting their 3D models into 3D PDF or HTML5/Web GL or iPad/Android.
  • SimLab Composer gives you three easy ways to share your works.
  • Preserve models security.
  • Files exported from SimLab Composer can be opened freely (no charge) without the need for purchasing third-party software.
  • SimLab Composer gives you a chance to spread your 3Ds in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating systems.

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